Lured 3D

March 22nd saw us boarding for a 4 day live aboard with Why Not fishing Charters.   That story is to follow just editing the video taken from the drone. I wanted to do a little bit of a story on these lures.  Lured 3D lures are made up in Townsville by a good friend of mine and her partner, Lynne and John.

They came about due to a shortfall in the market and the new art of switch baiting, not something we do here in South Australia, or is it yet?

These lures are the first and only lures that are utilising curved venturi channels. 100’s of sealed chambers give these lures not only strength but buoyancy. When you pull up these lures float, they don’t sink they stay out in the spread, they also hook up fish while they sit there.  These heads of these lures are actually printed, its amazing technology.


Dave has a mantra “we are always fishing”  he means this as well. He trolls lures at high speed from drop to drop and these lures are up to it.

We used the smallest lures in the range  matching the bait, they are extremely light and  are amazing in the water. On the first day with a good 2 meter of rubbish they sat in the water like a heavy lure, they sat in the back of the swell and the same action was achieved at 22 knots as at 8 knots, they didn’t fall off the top of waves they dug in with a smoke trail and a pop, straight back into smoke trail and pop. The noise these little light babies makes need to be seen to be believed, They are really well priced as well.

Deckie James was impressed to sat the least. He told me he hasn’t seen anything like these and for a light little lure they are amazing, no tangling from falling of the waves or slop. you could see them all the time. They are well placed any where in the spread and come with various head and skirt combos, in fact if you have a favorite colour it can be arranged.


Check these babies out here:

They are available in SA from Sports fishing scene

Thanks to Why Not fishing charters for allowing me to play with these and put them through their paces.





Kangaroo Island

With the rare occurrence of the wind dropping out for a couple of days, Kev and I decided to take off to either Marion Bay or KI. The choice was made to do KI and camp in Xmas cove over night. We have been doing the KI  Xmas, new year trip for  2 years but this year the weather had let us down until now, We had the luxury of doing it on our own this year which was a refreshing change.

We launched at Cape Jervis around and headed out to a snapper spot in the passage, the water was quite choppy and we still has some wind so we drifted fast  which is always frustrating. Drift fishing is not my favorite but every time we drifted over a hole one of us was on while the other tried to keep the boat in place,  a problem with only 2 on board, we hooked up 4 nice nannies and a couple of big snapper and decided to head around to Xmas cove and catch up with some friends we have made on previous trips.



Dinner time

Nothing like fresh nannie burgers for dinner and a good hot cuppa tea







The next morning we were up bright and early and tried a couple of whiting spots, the baby leather jackets were every where and the KG were nowhere to be seen, so we thought we would head back to the passage to try our luck. The wind was non existent, and no tide either so we anchored up on the spot and straight away into the snapper. The entertainment was supplied by sitting on channel 21 listening to the ruckus on Sanders Bank, ” You in the Northbank if you dont move I will scoop you up” We had decided not to venture out wide lol, with no fish in the freezer we thought a couple of nice snapper would fit the bill plus its not very common for the passage to be this calm.  The rain started about 12 and didn’t let up so we decided to head back to Cape Jervis. Our good mate Jerry sent a message saying there were storms forecast for Adelaide so we thought time to go.  A great relaxing trip before things get crazy with the new venture. see you soon Trace.


Breakfast at Xmas Cove








Tairua New Zealand: Chasing Kingis

December 2016, Tairua NZ, What a trip. I met Carl Muir at the Sydney boat show earlier this year, he was a guest speaker telling all about this fairy tale place called Tairua on the east coast of NZ, video and pics of big Kings and multiple hookups. Hell Yeah.

We knew we would be over end of year for business so couldn’t miss the opportunity. Carl organised some accommodation for us at Tairua Shores motels, a cracker of a spot just up from the fishing club. Steven and his family went out of their way to look after us.

We had meetings in Palmerston North then decided at to split the next days trip and hit the road  heading to Taupo then up to Tairua the next day, It would have worked well if Taupo hotels would answer at 1 am. We got caught in the kilometer  vs time NZ factor so ended up really late into Taupo. For those of you who have not done that yet 100 km doesn’t take an hour, it takes two. We continued the drive and at 4 am decided to pull up for a nap in a Tokoroa car park. We got into Tairua about 7.30 am, and a quick trip to the motel (2 pm check in time) to see if we could get in earlier, Stevens wife took pity on us and said to give her an hour or so. we will be forever grateful for that early check in, both Kev and I died as soon as we hit the pillow. Carl came down and caught up with us later that day, pumped as he knew the fish where there as promised.

The local Game fishing club is a half block from the Hotel, with recommendations we went there for tea, food was great, locals were great and made us really welcome with an invite for the next night to party on NZ style as it was the presidents Warren Mahers birthday. This club has its own vehicle and the members go on a roster to be designated driver, you get one or maybe two night for the whole year to drive and the rest to be driven home or to the local party after closing. There were several standout moments but I suppose the most memorable was the owner of a pretend Bar Crusher, Alec  has promised me a marlin off it next trip. Liza Turner heads up Skyline Charters, she is an awesome chick and loves meeting new people and showing them a good time, lasting longer than others  they know who they are.

This place is amazing if I was ever going to go live back across the ditch I would want to go there, a definite  slice of Heaven, we will be back early 2017 to chase those Marlin.

The fishing, well the video tells the story, enjoy.

References for everyone:    –   Carl Muir : Deckie extraordinare  for all your accommodation needs and a few laughs tell Liza we sent you

Junior Oscar with one of his several tuna. It was great to have 3 juniors this weekend

Game fishing Club of South Australia Marion Bay Tournament

So the weekend 18th to 20th Jan 2016 saw us fish the

GFCSA – TDR Electrical – Marion Bay Tournament Weekend

Heaviest & Most Meritorious GFAA Species, Shark & Eagle Ray.  Highest Point Scoring Boat & Angler, Highest Tag scoring Boat & Angler.

For this tournament we suggested at he briefing meeting that instead of there being Ladies  & Men’s category for Highest Point / Tag scoring angler we all fished together as senior anglers, and of course there was Jnrs.   Everyone agreed to it so it was set.

Mum and Dad headed up to Marion Bay Thursday night to fish from lines in at 12pm on the Friday, with everyone else while Greenhorn and I had to wait until Friday night to head up ready for a fish Saturday and Sunday.

By time the boats all arrived back in that night, Tuna, sharks and rays had all been caught, and war wounds were on display.  Everyone was a little cagy about the day’s catches not wanting to give too much away but we were happy as justagirl courtesy of mum had its shark for the weekend.

Saturday morning saw average conditions after Friday’s storms, with a south westerly blowing so we decided not to venture to far and we didn’t need to.  Trying to pop Greenhorns tuna cherry, the rods peeled off and double hook up… snap.. Greenhorn’s fish gone… Mum’s fish landed and tagged and released.  Setting up again we were back under way and it wasn’t long until we were hooked up again… we won a few and lost a few!!! By now the conditions were snotty to say the least and then zzzzzzz…. Greenhorn looked at me… No Ren, you take it I don’t want it to lose another one… and I definitely didn’t want to lose it, so 15 minutes later it was landed.

Conditions didn’t improve so we headed around the islands to seek some refuge and try for a ray, inside a little bay we set up our rigs and chucked in some whiting lines.  A few massive whiting later and a couple of decent flat head as well we saw the ray swim in over the sand….. Rubbing our hands we just waited for it to take the bait.

Hooked!!!…. All lines in we pulled anchor to chase it as we certainly didn’t want to lose it around the anchor rope. Within a few moments it was at the side of the boat and looked to be a decent size, setting up to grab it so we could tag it… Saw me hit the accelerator to hard and while we zoomed off at 100 miles an hour, mum and dad were nearly out the back and in the water with the Ray… hahahaha… “GOOD ONE RENEE” was all I got J .. Well at least the drag was set right and the ray was still on… now it wasn’t going to play nicely and after an hour…. SNAP!!! Gone L …

Regrouping we moved back into position to continue whiting fishing and try again…. The ray took off and the line didn’t even get a chance to hook in, resetting again saw a smaller ray come in for a sniff… this one we said… at the side of the boat about to net it and SNAP!!! Rig broke …. By now frustration was setting in…

As we set up again… nothing… nothing at all, it just wasn’t meant to be, but hey that’s fishing and lessons learnt!

Back at base, everyone seemed to have a good day on the water and funny stories where shared.  Rigs were retied and leaders re-crimped, and team strategies for the next day were discussed. Greenhorn and I were bunking in the same room talking about the earlier mishaps and dropped fish.  Shut your eyes and picture this I said, “tomorrow the heavier line will be out, the first tuna for the day is going to come up and smash it, and get hooked, then all you have to do, is just gently pump and wind, and before you know it, it will be in the boat”

Sunday morning saw us leaving a little late, but we were ready and pumped.  The conditions were a way than the day before, however the action was pretty slow, then before we knew it… zzzzzzzz off peeled Greenhorns line, and BOOM – Tuna Cherry popped!! With high fives all round, and it tagged and released lines were back in.  After trolling for a little longer we saw RACSO hooked up near us and the boys where on!!

We got a radio call from one of the locals out wide, who told us there was plenty of action happening out there, so calling it we pulled in the lines and headed out.  Blind trolling for a bit we managed our first hook up – triple hook up!! Mum, Dad and Greenhorn were all on.  Mum and Dads both spat and Greenhorn was still hooked up and round 2 started.

Bigger fish than her first one, it took a little longer, however in true form before we knew it, it was on the deck, another round of high fives and pics and it was back in the water. This continued for the next few hours with fish being dropped and landed.

Deciding the fish were bigger, we figured we would run our favourite and nick named char-chi lure out the back as a shottie, then SNAP… everything was gone…. And so was our char-chi …. L devo was an understatement!!


As the day worn on we thought we should start heading back towards the mainland, and we noticed a lot of bird activity, and then masses of bait fish being pushed up out of the water, heading straight for the action saw us hook up immediately.  We could see the crew on Big Fish near us and saw we were hooked up, but they keep driving further so we figured they mustn’t have seen what we were looking at. Oops spoke to soon… as they started to head in the same direction and it wasn’t long before they were hooked up as well.

We decided as it was late we would just continue on our way back trolling as we went and alas no more fish for us for the day.

Back on land a flurry of activitly with recording forms being completed so tournament offical Steve Morris could add them all up

Final Results

Highest tag scoring boat “Bigfish”

Highest tag scoring senior angler Mick Dawes on board Bigfish

Highest point scoring boat “justagirl”


Highest point scoring senior angler Tracey Tito on board “justagirl”


To say team justagirl was happy is an understatement, Iam sure that bigfish will give us a run at the Port Lincoln bue water classic in March, we will need to be on our toes.

justagirl now only needs a ray to qualify for the Annual champion boat award, and then points.


Barrel Mission III – Cape Jaffa 13-14 October 2015

With a break in the weather and a couple of days up our sleeves we did an early week trip to Cape Jaffa, we knew the weekend had been crazy and unfortunately we had too much on to be able to get down the SE.

Mum and I headed off Monday night after a meeting, we jumped in the car and the radio was playing ” I’m  just a girl”… Mum and I looked at each other and said it’s going to be a good trip! Arriving at Cape Jaffa around 2am Tuesday morning.  We pulled into the caravan park, crawled into the boat and hit the hay ready for the next morning.

I was on strike and excited… launching we headed out until we saw the usual action, birds diving, dolphins and whales. We had just received our new lures that where on order and we were pumped and ready to go.

We trolled for about an hour and then zzzzzzzzzzzzz double hook up… Mum and I just looked at each other …..Noooooo, we had to just suck it up! Bugga mum’s busted off, but mine was still on. I got my harness on and set up … OMG the power of this fish was unbelievable.

I settled into a nice rhythm and within 30 mins my big fish was on the surface, and so close… I yelled at mum to get the gaff as I was up to leader and it was looking like a cracker fish. A couple of delays and gaff issues saw it swim back into the depths and that was the beginning of my world of pain….

I managed to get the fish up to the surface again, and let me tell you with only 2 of you on board it’s not easy. By this time my lower back was in pain, and the pressure of the fish was ridiculous. Down it went again by this time mum was telling me pump and wind Renee, just little pumps and winds and this resulted in world war 3 on the boat and we were lucky no one else was on board.

Finally I had it back to the surface and by now I was in a world of pain, I had my fish right next to the boat again and then a dolphin came swimming up to my line, turned around a flicked its tail a couple of times against my line trying to cut me off. Noooooo

Close to tears and only an hour 10 into the fight… the dolphin went away and the fish was still at the side of the boat, then I made the biggest mistake ever!!! I sat on the esky to get some leverage and heaved in the last few winds ….. SNAPPPPP the fish went straight under the boat and cut off…. (Ren sulking again….) not a word was uttered 😦

After a few minutes we re-grouped and lures where back in the water!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz off it peeled again, which was short lived as it busted off… and again!! Lines in again Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mum took up the fight 20 mins in. gone  busted off again… this continued for another 4 fish.

By this time is was getting on and we decided we should call it a day and get back in before dark.  Arriving back at the caravan park, people had rocked up from everywhere to fish the next day.  We spent some time chatting to the guys from snapper safaris who were a real cool bunch. They were barrel virgins and hoping to land their first as well.

We had a few boats out the next day working together where fish were hooked up and all of us keeping in touch.  Mum and I headed out to the same area we were the day before, activity was in a little closer so we dropped in the lures, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz off it peeled.

Mum on strike we were on again…. Settling in Mum had a good rhythm going, and hour in and we finally had it to the surface, trying to back up on it went deep again and stayed there!!! 2 hrs in and the fish was still swimming deep we had managed to get it back up again for it to go back down deep again.

We had this fish to the surface 5 times now, and I thought back to some a fight some other guys had with 2 on board and the epic battle they had that took them into the dark and some 10hrs later… what we were doing clearly wasn’t working. 3 hours and 45 minutes in and I could see mum was getting tired.

The fish would come to the surface and we would back up on it and it would go back down, I had then establish that we needed to get it to the boat from on the surface.  The Flying gaff was tied off to the side of the boat and I had it ready to go, within seconds I had a clean strike and the fish was gaffed.

Letting off some line, mum took a breather while I held the robe and fish.  Mum then grabbed the main robe while I got the other gaff and gripped its tail and the tail wrap was on and finally a barrel was tied to the side of the boat.

At this point we put out the radio call that we had landed it finally.  Michael, Franko, Deldie and Scotty from Snapper Safaris II headed over and a couple of the boys jumped on board to help us pull her over, and take some pics for us J  they were just as excited as us. (Thanks guys it was really appreciated)

They still didn’t have a hook up at that point, as we were heading back in we lent them out lethal weapon just in case it brought them some luck as well. It didn’t but they hooked up all the same and Scotty managed to land a nice fish as well – so well done guys!

On our way back in we flicked over radio channels on the off chance someone was at Causon Havoc… no one was there but we heard a familiar voice over the radio “that sounds like justagirl” why hello Mr Bell, so we had a quick chat to Tony filling him on our trip as we were excited to be able to share it with the team down there.

Back at the Cape Jaffa Caravan Park, Chad & Kristy arranged for us to head down the quarry to get our fish weighed.  Thanks for arranging it and being part of our excitement 🙂

Down at the quarry the guys down there grabbed the crane and loaded her up, 99kg bled not quite the 100+ we were after but a nice fish all the same… and we aren’t going to split hairs over 1kg as far as we are concerned it’s a barrel!! (Despite a lot of talk about it’s not 100kg… ain’t nobody got time for that!! 😛

The guys at the quarry thought it was hilarious and didn’t expect to be doing that for a couple of girls but thanks for your help guys.

Nathan rocked in with his fish also and weighed in at around 120kg and was another nice fish, we chucked both fish onto he back of his Ute and headed into Kingston to clean them up before the long trek home.

People came from everywhere at Kingston as we pulled into the wash area with 2 massive tuna on the back, and after filleting it’s fair to say it looked like a murder scene, but the birds where very happy with their dinner that night and nothing went to waste. It’s important that you get yourselves some tuna size knives, this job then becomes easy We got a couple of beauties from Taylor Marine on Victoria RD, They sell Pro fishing  supplies and for $62 for a machete type knife that carved up 2 barrels easily  it was well worth it. I think this is why fish are getting left behind and or not filleted properly. Get the right tools for the job guys. Oh and tell them justagirl sent you 🙂

WOW just WOW… what a couple of days, as we cleaned up and jumped into the car to head home the radio switched on and I’m just a girl was playing again… mum and I looked at each other, laughed and high fived and headed home!!

It’s taken us 3 days to get over the pain…. But hey you never know what’s around the corner…. 😉

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Reconnaissance Mission #1

After our recent trips to Portland and Port Mac, we decided it was time to do a reconnaissance mission a bit closer to home for the long weekend.

For months I had followed the charts following the warmer water and currents since the first barrel was pulled in off Portland, and running through it all with Mum! Even though it still wouldn’t be considered warm water by many, it was the warmest current out there according to every update I looked at and was sitting between 14 -15.5 degrees.

Having done some research on SBT that inhabit our waters, how they regulate body temperature and look for temperate waters as they migrate, and given they were bigger fish, this temperature seems perfectly fine from the usual 18-20 degrees that schoolies tend to rock up in.

With my theory in hand I started chatting to the Melbourne boys at Portland and getting different perceptions and thoughts from them and then the guys at Pt Mac, I came to realise that what I was looking at and my thought process about it all and how I was reading it was right on the money. Well almost!!

After following water and the currents, it was pretty clear that where fish where being hooked up were clearly in this area. And this was highlighted more with the currents shifting the east water further west into Beachport.

Watching intently the week leading up to the long weekend along with FB reports I started to look towards KI, my theory was that with the warm water and the current travelling in that direction it seemed like a no brainer that the fish would eventually end up there.

Convinced that they would follow the 60m contour that the current was moving along would be what would bring them up to Carter Knoll. Right up until the night before we were still undecided about it all, but KI was looking the goods with the water and the current doing exactly that, and also highlighted by an eddie that pretty much covered the Bank to the Knoll.

Friday night saw us heading to Beachport, Saturday morning saw us going to KI… ohh the torment of it all.

So after an early morning rise on Sunday off we went, launched by 6am and doubly excited that is marked the start of daylight savings off we went. Greenhorns husband Peter also came with us this trip, and it was great to have him out on the boat for the day.

Magic conditions saw us make good time out to the pages, where we spotted bird action pretty much immediately. Lures in we decided to start trolling from there and head out. All the signs where there, birds, dolphins and baitfish.

As we headed towards the bank, the birds and dolphins started to pick up and we were feeling pretty good, but still knew it could be on or not! Watching the water go from 11 to 13 to 15 to eventually 15.5 I was pretty stocked that the charts match what was actually happening in the water.

Now to find a tuna…… heading out wide towards the Knoll we saw another boat working on the bank as well, and also another boat hightailing it back towards KI. But we were still feeling optimistic ….

The usual strike time that has been consistent over the last few weeks hit and we could hear the boys down the south east on the radio with hook-ups, and telling other boats to not get so close ….

Off we went kept trolling hoping for a hook up, but we were totally blown away by the dolphins, clearly there haven’t been a lot of boats out there for some time and they were totally full of personality.

Swimming just under the back of the transom almost in the slip stream, following right next to us and just jumping out of the water as if to say hi they were SO COOL!! And they were like it all day.

This trip we managed 277klms for the day, and alas that reel didn’t scream… but oh well, that’s fishing and clearly they haven’t snuck up that far just yet!!

Fun fact: 100kg Tuna approx. 15 yrs of age, and don’t mature until they are 12 yrs old.

Current Theory: A break in the east / west current and trawlers like the Geelong Star removing there food is possibly what pushed these tuna in close for food while migrating to Java for breading (which usually occurs between September – April). Which in theory they should be doing now!!

Let’s hope this isn’t the case and we don’t have an issue in a couple of years with a gap in the breeding cycle and no tuna because of this event!




Never miss a sunset <3

Never miss a sunset ❤