If you thought Justagirl was just a fishing trip you would be wrong. It's a story of how these women have found themselves. They face challenges everyday and need to step outside their comfort zone to find courage. The courage to become selfish and stand on their own, the courage to find their passion and put themselves first. The courage to find the next stage of their lives now the family has grown up.  To become more than mum or the wife, to become ME.

Imagine this: Fishing offshore, no land in sight, 4-metre swell, dodging seals, dolphins, and whales. Hooking up to a Tuna, reeling for what feels like hours, finding strength you didn't know you have - and then the celebration. The perfect reciple for personal growth  😊

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2014, Tracey decided that she wanted to change her life. She sold her financial planning business of 28 years and decided to dedicate her spare time to fishing - a passion she has always had. After recovering from her illness, fishing became her reason to live and she sought out to find other likeminded females to fish with. Team Justagirl was then created.

Tracey and Ren (Tracey's daughter) created Team Justagirl with a vision. Team Justagirl is about empowering woman to “Take the Boat” and learn all they can to do this. It’s about finding courage to do something they didn’t think possible and using that courage to empower yourself in all areas of your life. To believe in yourself.

We inspire woman to step up, find their passion and no matter how insane, action it. We aim to excite, motivate and encourage woman to go fishing and ignite a passion with the opportunity to learn and experience.

Fishing tends to be viewed as only catching fish, it is far more outreaching. Fishing provides a mean for self-empowerment for all

Our Vision

Break the cycle of fishing traditions being passed down through men
Empowering women to travel from the beach to the boat to the boardroom
Inspire women to find grace, strength, and fearlessness through fishing

Our Mission

To Inspire woman to step up, find their passion and no matter how insane, action it


Create a fishing network for all women to enjoy, communicate, and experience the awesome fishing in Australia.
To encourage friendship and camaraderie within the female fishing world
To create an opportunity for ladies to enjoy a fishing experience, go fishing with Skip and meet likeminded gals.
To teach the girls to “TAKE THE BOAT"

Together we can bring change