Not only the skip, but she is also the anchor for the Justagirl crew. Her knowledge, experience and patience are a gift that she happily shares. Crew member Kerry said " We really admire her passion and willingness to share. Shes the one who puts us on the fish - very rarely does she take a rod. Without Tracey Justagirl wouldnt exist, shes the one who motivates us. She has taught us that just because we are girls, doesnt mean we cant do it. Were girls and we are doing it!!!Skip has created Fishing Trips with Skip so everyone can have an opportunity to catch dream fish - she gets a huge buzz from witnessing peoples firsts, especially bigger fish like Tuna.

Favourite seafood: Oysters  Favourite fish to catch: Tuna & Marlin  Most memorable catch: 2023 we're on the water in the Team Justagirl boat, my charts say Ningaloo Reef. We are hooked up on a Marlin and its jumping out the water right in front of us. I'll never forget that moment.  Best Trip to date: Gamex in Exmouth 2023 - Tassie trip 2023 is a close 2nd but its always sweeter when its our boat. Bucket list fish: Yellowfin Tuna and a big blue Marlin. Off the Water:  What? Music, love live music, Editing footage,  Planning Fishing trips with skip.

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Tracy arrived just in time for the 2020 season. It was her 60th birthday and she had seen a "crew opening"" post. It changed her life. She has had a few firsts, Tuna and Shark. She managed her first Tuna on a 3KG line class in May 2021 after being challenged mid fight to keep going. Tracy loves learning new things so she can go home and teach hubby Barney. Tracy also loves Barra fishing, has a PB of 92, and showed us how to do it on the recent Fishing Trips with Skip Darwin adventure.            " The one thing I have learnt since joining the Justagirl team, is there is no such word as CAN'T.....This was my overused word when I started. Skip has taught me that you can do anything. If there was something I couldn't do, she would find another way around it for me to succeed. So no more can't its now CAN, CAN  and will give anything a go.

Favourite Seafood: Everything except Oysters  Favourite fish to catch: Barramundi, Tuna, actually any fish lol.    Most memorable catch to date: 20 kg Tuna in Tassie 2023  Best Trip to Date: Oh to many... Tassie, Gold Coast, Fishing trips with skip Darwin.  Bucket list fish: Meter Barramundi and a Blue Marlin. Off the water: Fishing with Hubby, Rock n Roll dancing, spoiling our fur baby and travelling.



Ren has been  a member of the crew since the very start - shes Skips daughter and loves her fishing nearly as much. Ren moved to Queensland about 5 years ago for a lifestyle change and shes certainly found it.She is a member of the Gold Coast Game fishing club and after a couple of years off shes now back on the boat.2023 has been a big year for Ren with her first Sailfish, Black Marlin and Albacore

Favourite seafood: Fresh Kina & Crabs  Favourte fish to catch: Sharks  Most memorable catch: 99kg SBF Tuna, Skip was the angler, we had a double hookup on barrels, there was just the 2 of us on board. I lost mine we got Skips in. Epic day.           Best trip to date: Tassie 2023, Eagle Hawk Neck the adventurer and scenery was amazing. Bucket list fish: Blue Marlin and Mahi Mahi.  Off the water: Weekend adventures with fiance Craig and puppy, love travelling as well.


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Shez is a mad, crazy keen angler. It doesn’t matter what fish or where. Shez if not in the boat, is land based somewhere. She loves catching Salmon and Mulloway, as well as the rush she gets with Tuna. She’s handy at salting her own baits and tying rigs she has taught Skip a few things already. Shez is Gluten free, so we are all learning a whole new way of cooking and eating. As a heavy metal head, she can be a bit loud at times, but we are slowly taming her. She experienced her first Tuna comp in 2023 fishing the GFCSA John Johnson Wirrina Tuna slam.

Favourite seafood: Anything except Anchovies…… yuck!  Favourite fish to catch: Shark, Mulloway, Salmon & Tuna – any fish really  Most memorable catch: 21kg SBT  Best trip to date: Port MacDonnell tagging and releasing over 45 SBT in 2 days  Bucket list fish: Blue Marlin and a giant Kingie  Off the water: Enjoy listening and moshing to heavy metal music, cooking and baking, fishing with the kids, tinkering and fixing things as well as enjoy working in the human services industry.


Faye joined Skip on her first Fishing Trip with Skips adventure in 2021 and she has not missed the boat since. Faye will trade a Tuna for a Shark anyday. Sharky is not your average 68-year-old not only is she a great team member shes the fittest in the crew. When Sharky's not fishing, she is farming, she makes her own small goods, eggs, and the best bacon ever. Yes, Sharky was a butcher many years ago and a keen supporter of women can do anything they set their minds to. Sharky joined the Team Justagirl crew in June 2022.  She also fished the 2023 Tuna club of Tasmania Tuna  comp and managed a PB Tuna of 83kg. A 45 minute fight time was amazing. Good work Sharky

Favourite seafood: Tasmanian Scollops  Favourite fish to catch: Sharks  Best catch to date: 83kg Southern Bluefin Tuna Best trip to date: Darwin with Fishing trips with skip Bucket list fish: Mahi Mahi Off the water:  I spend time on my farm, I also like dancing.

Deb Foster

Meet  Deb Foster. She has been fishing in some form since Primary school. Her passion is  chasing Billfish and Barramundi. Deb is  the Billfish foundations  Champion  release Angler for Black Marlin in the Indian ocean . She is our secret weapon and has taught a lot, and put us on our first Marlin. Debs hometown is Exmouth and previously Broome where she is  lucky enough to have a variety of Billfish almost year-round. Deb says “When I’m not working as a Radiographer and Sonographer, I’m usually on the water chasing whatever species is running at the time. I’m very excited to be a part of Justagirl and Fishing Trips with Skip”.

Favourite seafood: Mud Crab  Favourite fish to catch: Blue Marlin  Best catch to date: 120cm Barra, but have also caught some riper marlin. I get excited with lots of catches and new species  Best trip to date: So many good trips, the trip to Darwin with Fishing trips with skip was awesome.  Bucket list fish: Swordfish  Off the water:  I love camping on the beach and spending quality time with friends and family as well as Angus the wonder dog.

Rebecca Magro (Bec) hails from Mt Molloy North Queensland,  and yes she’s a cowgirl. Bec has been in the saddle since before she could walk.  Her life had been spent competing at Rodeos, Barrel racing, and horse show competitons. Bec has always loved fishing but in 2015 it all changed when she was introduced to reef fishing. Big QLD Nannygai her favourite. Bec couldn’t resist the first Fishing trips with Skip Darwin adventure and jumped on board. She fished hard and took out champion angler.Bec has since joined the Team Justagirl crew and fished  the Gold Coast Masters  Marlin Comp in Jan 2023 and Gamex 2023 where she hooked her first Marlin.

Favourite seafood: How can I pick just one? I love it all !!!  Most memorable catch: A thumper Large mouth Nannygai at a touch under a meter, My first Marlin at Ningaloo 2023 had to right up there as well oh and my first Spanish Mackerel. Best trip to date: Fishing trips with Skip Darwin trip in 2022 it was great fun all round.  Exmouth was incredible as well, first Marlin. I am so fortunate to have been able to go.  Bucket list fish: Saltwater 1 meter Barra and a Saratoga Off the water: , cooking, camping, travel and adventures and hanging out with my dog Dolly Pugton.


Renee has followed the Justagirl team for a few years and loves everything they do. Renee joined the Team Justagirl Crew in Feb 2023. After her taking part in a few fishing trips with skip adventures she’s proven to be a great angler and was invited to join the crew. Renee has a young bubba Opal who the crew have adopted 🙂 She will be a part time member for a little while.

 Favourite seafood: Fresh Oysters and Tuna.  Favourte fish to catch: I love catching a few.. but at the moment Tuna, The whole experience is awesome .. Birds, .. Sharks,.. Dolphins,. Tuna jumping etc and a good fight. I do love squidding though, it is relaxing.  Most memorable catch to date: Im stoked with a few catches.. Big reds when we could, caught an Eagle Ray but i'd say it would be Tuna, especially when I was 20 weeks pregnant. The Tuna at the Wirrina comp was awesome as well.  Best Trip to date: Wirrina Cove, my first trip with Team Justagirl. I learnt alot and really enjoyed The fishing trips with Skip adventures.  Bucket list fish: Theres a few I'd love, a Shark,  would love a Marlin.  Off the water: Im a truck parts interpreter and a snake catcher. I love riding and motocross. I play guitar and I love spending time with my family. I love being outdoors and spending time at my shack at Swan reach, the perfect place to relax.



Angelique was the winner of the team Justagirl raffle last year, and when Skip dropped her prize off they got to talking. She had done a bit of fishing and loved it and wanted to explore offshore. Like all good stories it all worked out with Angelique joining the girls for a day chasing Tuna and there she got hooked. We're excited to have her back onboard once shes back from recovering from her injury