Cape Jervis and Victor Harbour Fishing Long Weekend 27/28 Jan 2019

The Coast to Coast comp for this year is looming fast and with new crew that have only had one session out on the Tuna it was imperative that I got them out over the long weekend. This ended up as a couple of days of valuable lessons.

Sunday was the first experience for them all of multiple hook ups. A 4 way to boot. It ended up going to custard with 3 fish los. Jules being the cool, calm and collected one was the only one to get her fish into the boat. They were all great fish, mine lost at the side of the boat with greenhorn learning the hard way on how not to grab the leader, Amanda lost hers under the boat and Greenhorn well she just lost hers.

Monday was a far nicer day, 3 meter rolling swell but no wind. This was the biggest seas the new girls had seen and they were both in awe of its beauty. We took the opportunity to get out wide and grab a feed of Nannies for everyone.

A lesson in drifting bottom bouncing and how to keep the boat where you need it was the days lesson, we couldn’t anchor as the swell was just to big. everyone was stoked with the results and 10 pm fish and chips tea was had by all.

The Tuna played later in the arvo, All girls tagged and released some fish, some fish got their own back as well with a Kerry and Amanda getting a little smashed up when pics done. All in all it was a great weekend and we are all excited and hanging for the comp this weekend.

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