Marlin Fishing Gold Coast

It was that time again, my QLD crew were all together and where able to get out on the water for another Marlin fish!! We had pulled our numbers so we knew our strike pattern for the day, it saw Kezza, Myself, Damo, Dave and Pablo in that order. We do half hour strike times and rotate.

We left the marina to be greeted by a stunning sunrise and my anticipation grew the closer we got to the seaway.  My fears where still in the forefront of my mind after the last Marlin that nearly jumped in the boat and took off Damo’s head, but every fish and every fight is different I kept telling myself.  The weather forecast was good and as the day progressed we should see the wind drop off.









We exited the break wall and hit the ocean, for our long trip out to the Blue Marlin Grounds. The trip always seems to take so long to get there when you pumped and excited. We finally pulled up and it was time to put the lines in and start trolling.

We moved to get the lines ready, I looked at Damo and he had this blank look on his face and then BOOMMMMMM!!!!! Man Down !!! Man Down!!!!  Ya See….. Damo had a big night the night before, like many a fellow fisher person before him and a few justagirl crew as well, he was now paying for it… BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, of course my first reaction was CAMERA!!


Alas…. that was Damo out for the count… and he spent the rest of his morning along the lines of ….


BTW… yes I am a firm believer in Karma, I know… I know… god help me if I ever forget to take my trevacalm one day… hahahahaha

But credit where credit is due, if there was any sort of movement, he was the first to jump up, spew, then help LMAO…

The fish were a little slow, we had heard a few being tagged on the radio but not large numbers and by 12pm we where sitting at 1-0-0. We had raised a fish and were still feeling optimistic and besides Damo kept me entertained for the morning anyhow, poor bugga!!

The afternoon started to move in, and optimism starts turning to not again…

It got to 1pm and I was on strike again, waiting eagerly for my bite, Damo was sitting in the game chair and colour was returning to his face, so I left him sitting there while I sat behind long corner, and I start… here fishy fishy fishy… come to nae nae…. lets face it, we have all done it!

BOOM!!!! Fish up, Fish up… Damo MOVE!!!! I saw a fish raise and come up to the long corner, pop the long rigger and gone….. whaaaaaaaaa

BUT… we where pumped again 2-0-0… so we set back up and by now everyone was counting down their half hour strike times, and I knew that this would be my last for the day, time etched on and patiently waited for my turn to catch a Mighty Marlin…


Noooooooooooooooo….. alas it wasn’t going to me my turn this trip either, that was a given now.  Damo was up next and had perked up quite a bit from this morning and by now even managed to keep some food and water down, as we joked with him, if he wanted a beer.

By now we had started trolling into an area we raised a fish earlier in the morning, everyone was still counting down the strike time as Dave was next… 1.58pm the short rigger popped, Damo looked at it, went to get rubber bands as I yelled FISH ON!!!! everyone looked blanked, line was peeling off and no one put the clicker on…. rookie mistake!!




100m or so out the back of the boat, a mighty blue leapt out of the water, (pending go pro footage, to see if we caught any of that!)

WAHOOOOOOO….. we were on, as luck would have it, good old Damo who nearly had his head taken off by the last one, and spent all morning chucking was on, and 2 mins before change over… hahahahahaha

Lines in and the boat cleaned up the fight was on!!!

After a few aerobatics, it went deep and just sat there, reminded me of barrel chasing at Pt Mac.  As we managed to gain line on it, it came up straight at the back of the boat and my fears returned as I stood behind the game chair, OMG if this fish does what the last one did, we are in trouble!!!

Within 20 mins, she was at the side of the boat and tagged.

What a site to behold, as we all cheered, she measured in at 2.6m. I was stoked that our team caught a Marlin with me on the boat, finally!!!

I was in total awe of this beautiful fish, needless to say, I soo cant wait till its my turn 🙂 !!!

Well done Damo and team on an awesome fish!!

However now its… you have to get it land it within 20 mins hahahahahaha the joys of team fishing, stirring each other up, cheering each other on and just having fun on the water!!

Lines where pretty quickly back in the water with Dave giving up his spot for Pablo who was after him, onya skipp!! but alas that was it for our day.

We packed up with our Flags flying we started the long trip home towards the seaway. All stoked by the days outcome, and good old chucky marlin was just a thought of the past 😛


Like all good fishing trips, ours started at sunrise and ended at sunset and I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤


Marlene, Ill get billfish babe status one of these days ❤ but I’m getting closer every trip!!

Ren ❤



2018 Riviera Tuna Classic

March 16th was skippers brief for the 2018 Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna classic at the beautiful Marina hotel.   This is always a fun night of joking and teasing with the competitive side being exposed early with the Calcutta. Spartacus skippered by Ralph Czabayski was the boat to beat for the heaviest fish, we ended up the 3rd highest bidded boat, did we have as much chance as everyone else? We certainly did and relished the chance to get amongst it. 10% of the Calcutta is donated to Tumby Bay VMR, Gary does a great job of babysitting us all while we are on the water.20180321_225243

There were 4 trailer boats this year and the competition was on. Its not easy for anyone of us to make the decision to fish the cabbage patch in a Trailer boat, especially knowing the weather was turning so nasty that day 2 had been called off and we were now fishing a one-day tournament. Another consideration is the distance, its approx a 80 nautical mile round trip, 148 kms for those who need the translation, we have a 280 litre fuel tank so something we have to watch.   A bond of mateship was created   amongst us as we discussed tactics and strategies. The great thing about this comp is as a trailer boat we can take the chance knowing full well that if we got into any trouble we would we helped by every one of the bigger boats.


Saturday morning came around pretty quick the sunrise that greeted us was simply amazing and as 16 boats lined up for the start we were away, I had warned Leah and Jules that we had 2 options we go out hard or stay at the back, the wake of 12,  50+ foot boats is not a nice experience for us on board justagirl. We decided to hang back.  As Diana called GO we were overcome with excitement and went out hard only to get overtaken and smashed around with 2 meter wake broadside, Gulp  next year we will behave 😊

The trip down to memory cove never fails to astound me the scenery is breathtaking. We met the other boats there, shared some chocolate fish, rigged up our rods ready to go, we expected the cabbage patch to be pretty rough with 2.5 meter swells and 1 meter of chop on top in the forecast, the girls had not fished there before and it was Jules first time out in justagirl. I prepared them for the worst.

Arrival at the cabbage patch was a pleasant surprise, while it wasn’t flat it certainly wasn’t as rough as anticipated so we settled in for the day, We hooked 4 and lost 3 no keepers by 1pm. We realised we had missed the sched at 12 and tried to use the radio, hmmm no radio, on closer inspection the aerial had fallen back onto the out rigger. With Leah being the tallest and having the longest arm reach we sent her out to fix it, yahoo reception again, radioed in and found out that the biggest fish was 95cm. The afternoon saw us boat another 8 fish with only 2 keepers for the day.  We did have some fun with some stripeys. They are ferocious little fighters for their size and hold their own in the fun department. I checked the fuel at 2pm and we had used over half, I average 1 litre to 1 km  and at that stage we had used 174 litres.

We decided at 4.45 to pull up and head back in, the strategy was we would be in front of the fleet should we run out of petrol and the wind had come up, the morning pleasant seas were gone.  We high tailed it home and headed into the marina with approx. 20 litres of fuel in the tank.

Sunday nights presentation at Peter Teakle wines new restaurant The Line and Label was unforgettable, coffin bay oysters and plenty of them being my favourite, If you are up there make a booking, the décor is stunning and with world class interior designer Leah Hargraves in our crew she confirmed that it was surely that. Every item on the menu is produced from their own gardens or harvested, farmed or fished on the Eyre Peninsula

The winners were announced, the most memorable being small fry at age 7 Harry Czabayski who returned as small fry champion again this year, his speech was cute 😊

Champion Boat was The Battler with 52 fish, Champion Trailer boat was Sniper with 40 fish, they were also runner up overall, an amazing feat for a trailer boat, well done Kym Sheppard. Champion Female  was Susan Czabayski

Runner up trailer boat with 28 fish was In The Red.  Heaviest fish and the Calcutta went to Spartacus.

Monday morning, we hit the road back to Adelaide, our mission accomplished.


We made new friends and connected with some amazing people. We came home safe. We had a great weekend away. We got out to the cabbage patch and had a great crack at it.   A special thank you to our sponsor for this trip    LH Interiors and construction

Come join us next year and have some fun. There’s nothing greater than hanging out with others who love the same stuff we do. The comradery of this event is addictive, justlettingyouknow.

Thanks Peter Teakle and team for a great event, Can’t wait to see you all again next year.

Port Lincoln 2018 Tuna Classic: Our entry form is in.

We have our entry form in and are so excited to join in the fun and mayhem which comes with this comp. With a 10kg line class  catch and release this is a sustainable comp that doesn’t take out stocks unnecessarily.   The crew are Skipper Tracey Tito (Skip) Leah Hargraves  and Julie Stanley (Doc).


Planning day for the 2018 Tuna Classic, Excitement plus 

We fished this tournament in 2015 and took out the trailer boat section. 2016 we pulled out at the last minute due to swell conditions,

Tuna Classic 2016

swell on the cabbage patch

last year  Skip was in Texas on conference and this year the stars have aligned. Next year we want to have at least 2 justagirl crews complete.  Please watch our instagram page for updates as we go.  


New Team Justagirl Members

As many of you know we have had a few changes within team justagirl this last year. Ren has moved to Brisbane and is fishing with the Gold Coast game fishing club on board Witchin, Lauren Tomic(Greenhorn 2015-2016) has moved back to Melbourne, we’re hoping they both can get back on board at some time this season.  Good luck girls you will always be part of the team.

Life changes as usual and a few of the team have moved interstate and aren’t available all the time. This has encouraged us to get more girls involved with the team. We put a shout out a month ago and to date we would like to welcome 3 new Team members. Pacific Marine have been amazing and at their suggestion they have offered us a second boat to use for comps etc, how cool is that. Pacific are great supporters of ours so please help us support them.

Welcome to Mel  Lemmers, Helen Trowbridge (Greenhorn 2018 ) and Jaimie Talbot.


Mel, Myself and Helen


Jaimie and I had a double shark hook up, was very interesting at the time 🙂

I am also going to welcome Julie Stanley (Doc). Doc has been with us for a year but we haven’t been able to get on the water at the same time 🙂


I met Julie at the Ribbons on Qlds the same year I met Leah Hargraves

Helen will be our Greenhorn for 2018 season, and the other 2 have yet to have a nickname surface. We have had a few days of fun on the water and off teaching the girls knots etc.  We have also had great fun with their  partners. The boys have decided to tag around with us and have their own crew  ” justahubby ” Please enjoy the pics of the first few days as team justagril crew. there will alot more to come.






Helen and Mel learning doubles


Helen and Mel Learning knots











Us girls caught, cleaned and cooked the catch, this put team justahubby where they should be, This crew has a greenhorn as well Brett first time using a tea towel 🙂


Sunset Victor Harbour, the ending of a great few days on the water.


Whitebaiting In Taranaki New Zealand.


Everytime I take a trip to New Zealand I time my drive to coincide with the whitebait in at Mokau being open. I have introduced many a “Yuck not eating that” to whitebait fritters to “OMG they are amazing”  So the story for this one is in the video. I hope you enjoy it.


Rens 1st Marlin Story & Team Witchn


Having moved to QLD in Feb 2017 one of the first things I did was approach the Gold Coast Game Fishing club and put myself out there looking for a local boat to crew on with the prospect of catching my first Marlin.
Dave sent me a message as he fished now and then work permitting with another guy from the club, but the plan was to get out at least once a month out wide to try for the mighty marlin.
Of course I was keen as, jumping in the car that weekend I headed down the coast to meet with him and talk fishing… feeling relaxed I headed to the GCGFC for my first club meeting to meet my fellow fisho team mate Damian and talk more fishing and get a feel for the club and its members.

We all hit it off as a team, and my new Gold Coast Fishing Family started, and Team Witchn (Witchcraft) was created. So far, I have managed to suss out the GoldC seaway at dark!! It’s just like in Adelaide fishing with mum we haven’t been back until well after dark!! – the only thing I’m missing is a husband at home cooking me a lamb roast like Dad makes us… gee I had it lucky back in rads!!


Sunday marked our 4th trip out together, the first trip out we managed 1-1-0 on Blue Marlin, our second trip was donuts, 3rd trip 1-1-0 on yellow fin tuna, and then there was this trip which will mark our epic fishing adventure and some valuable re-grouping afterwards and serious forward planning.

We met at the marina at 5.30am, the boys where already as i was running late… oops… rods where out and set up, so I jumped on board and off down the seaway we went watching the sun come up as we exited the break wall and headed out wide.

The morning saw us go directly to our first spot before we put rods out and trolled to the next spot. We had worked out our strike times so we were set. After an hour trolling it was my turn on strike… not knowing what to expect, I was waiting patiently for my fish… Go Ren go Ren.. I hear… I look out the back of the boat to see this iridescent blue stick poking up behind my lure… OMG OMG OMG… I strip off layers semi excited and a lot nervous about what is about to happen, zzzzzz the line peels off and stops, then zzzzzzzzzzz again and then stops…. and then it just stopped!!!! fish gone we worked the ground for a while but couldn’t entice it again… so off we headed towards out next destination.

We had looked at rip charts on our way out so wanted to suss out a couple of things we had been talking about, so we spent the next few hours trolling the usual grounds and current lines without much success.

As the day was getting on we trolled back into some closer grounds where skip had a theory, based on that we moved in and worked an area, skip and I were up in the fly bridge watching and analysing the sounder and sussing it all out. Damo was down stairs, when we hear a reel go off… zzzzzzzz what was that said skip!! as I looked down and saw Damo next to a reel… Damo being a jokester I replied hahahahaha…. but the look on his face told us it wasn’t him mucking around and before we knew it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 200m of line was gone!!

We all jumped into action to clear the deck, it was Skips strike time, so he jumped in the game chair, I climbed back up the fly bridge to drive the boat, and Damo finished clearing up the last of the deck and got everything else ready.

Once settled we regained some composure and then started working the fish, after its initial jump out of the water it decided to go deep and stayed down there for quite some time…

Slowly we turned into the current, and then started to slowly back up on this beast of the ocean. Approx 25 minutes later is was right near the boat, in our attempt to tag and release the fish, Damo grabbed the leader and pulled it towards the boat… as we both leant over to grab it and tag it… Blue freaked out… we freaked out ….. and off it went straight under the boat… and we know how that usually ends!!!

Dave screaming at me tag it Rennie, tag it Rennie as his arms are on fire and he’s hurting…. tag it, tag it… just like a scene out fishing with mum with us screaming at each other and Steve Morris calling me Rennie, hahahaha….

The mighty blue powered itself away from the boat, full circle and them came leaping at us… Damo ducking for dear life… Skip holding onto his rod for dear life… and me standing there in shock.. thinking that’s a big bloody fish!!!!
and just like that – GONE!!! line snapped before we could get the tag in and off it swam back into the deep blue..
Skip stoked that his last day of holidays landed him a Marlin as it had been a couple of years coming, Damo and I looking at each other cracking up laughing… OMG did you see that, nearly took your head off… its massive… how’s your ass… did you turn the camera on…. you name it, we probably said it.
But we certainly had fun!!

Lessons of the day:
1 – Need a longer tag pole (top shot)
2 – Need to shorten the lure rigs
3 – Need to practice erratic tagging in the park, so I don’t look like I’m about to throw a Javelin…
5 – Don’t worry about the camera Ren
6 – Rum farts are disgusting
7 – Damo aka Marlin dodger needs body armour before next trip
4 – Go to the gym
5 – These big boats are so different to our bar crusher that we can easily manoeuvre around, these things take time and working with 2 diesel engines as well under pressure situations isn’t easy, but I know that will come the more I’m out there and doing it.


Why Not

In March I found myself on a four day live aboard with Why Not fishing charters, exiting from Coffin Bay in South Australia, This is a truly beautiful part of the world. This trip was supposed to be a girls trip but ended up a mixed trip due to there not being enough girls to fill the spots. This boat is truly amazing, you could stay out for months, My first trip with Why Not was on a much smaller boat, in reflection and after the comfort of this boat I don’t know how we did it 🙂

We departed Thursday morning with a bit of a breeze which created about a 2 -3-meter sloppy mess which was the demise to a few on board but by late arvo most had found their sea legs. Skipper Dave took us out to a lump he likes to fish, they had been there a few days prior and had a massive day on the Sambos,



They were still around and the day proved to be a monster, there were fish going off all over the boat most anglers hadn’t caught a Sampson before so there were lots of OMG’s as they peeled line off reels, a few got close to smoked, by mid afternoon the dick belts were out as everyone started to tire. Dave constantly kept us on the fish and was always happy to talk about how to find Sambos and what they look like on the sounder. By late arvo we had an eski full of nannies for dinner, Trevally for bait and raw fish and the odd snapper. we had also caught and released a few Blue Grouper. We trolled back to Greenly Island to anchor for the night, the forecast for the next few days was perfection.

We got off to an early start and it was decided to go back to yesterday sambo spot in the hope of bagging a Kingfish but alas this wasn’t to be. Once again the Sambo hookup was amazing, the jigging was easy as most fish hooked up just on the drop. The eski had a stack of fish for everyone to take home.  The weather was perfect with 10 boats coming into greenly that night.

We started day 3 at a secret spot (I’m not going to share that info)  could not believe it, Sambos on bait, bottom bouncing,  everyone was hooked up There was not one person on the boat who hadn’t caught several Sambos. We also caught some big grouper that were returned. One was kept for tea that night, If you haven’t tried it its a beautiful eating fish,  We also caught a tagged Sambo, no one was as excited about that and myself and James the deckie, details have gone off to the relevant department with info, if its yours let us know.


The afternoon saw us trolling some lures for Tuna, the lured3D lures did their thing hooking up some fish, Jannette had a live baiting frenzy with her Tuna and a massive bronze Whaler shark. A Tuna of an estimated 60kg  plus was also lost to a shark.


with still no Kingfish on board Dave decided to head to the rough of the 4 hammocks to see if we could find a couple.  As a skipper this guys is crazy, He is now known to me as the gap man, if there’s a gap he heads for it, scared the living daylights  a few times, got some great pics and videos but alas no Kingies, we all wanted them, especially me after the trip to NZ last year.  We anchored in at the Hammocks that night and fished out way back in on the last day, Everyone was exhausted and happy, great fishing. James was a great Deckie and drone catcher, I have been using it on land but its a whole different story at sea with the boat moving, practise needed 🙂

The video is not first class but it will give you a look at the trip.  Next time you want to go out on an adventure contact Dave at Why Not or call him on +61427020060..