2 Girls, 4 Rods and 4 Southern Blue Fin Tuna

The start to the Tuna season had been slow and we decided we would spend a couple of days out to finish off 2021.

Fishing Trips with Skip, The Cape Jervis trips were only a couple of weeks away so we needed to find the Fish.

With little expectation we set off. . 2 Girls, 4 rods and bang they all go off at the same time. We had just set up, Lures were out  and we were ready to wait it out. A few minutes latter Zzzzzzzzzzzz we were hooked up.

 We had an awesome day with the first 5 hook ups being 4 ways. The Southern Blue Fin Tuna season was underway. The Tuna had no real size  being the smallest I had seen for a season start. We were using 4 kg Line class and they werent even reaching that.

We tagged 14 fish, released around 30 and kept 2. A great day on the water. Both Jules and myself were exhausted when we pulled into Wirrina for the night.

A Cheese Platter and New year eves bottle of wine were consumed and you guessed it,  we didnt make New years midnight, both out before dark to do it all agin the next day.

The next day the Tuna were not around, we got a couple but nothing like the day before, we decided to do some bottom bouncing.

Flathead and a couple of 50cm plus King George whiting in the Esky and we were happy to go home as we knew we were out the following week when Kerry arrives back from Family Xmas Hoildays.  Tights Lines people xx


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