Victor Harbour Tuna for the new girls

This week the new crew and some of the old hit the water at Victor Harbour to see if we could hook everyone up onto a Tuna and pop their Tuna Cherry

Tuesday morning at the boat ramp was a hive of activity – trailers everywhere and a 3 km walk back from parking the car. The girls were super excited though and on board we had Kerry, Amanda, Nic and myself.

The day started very slowly: clear water, awesome sea conditions, and the spread was set. Not a Tuna in sight, no birds, nothing.

We decided on a change in tactic, changed to skirts and headed a little more West. We were just about to rotate and then bang! Amandas (Turbo) Rod went off. It was screaming. A nice 15kg Tuna (89cm) There were lots of screams, shouts and yahoos when the fish finally came on board.

The rest of the day was uneventful in the fishing department.

The following day we changed up the crew with Kerry and I, as well as Mel, Nic and Rob (Nic’s Dad) on board. The pressure was on me as the Skipp and their expectations were high.

The day started off rough and slow. The first 6 hook ups went unnoticed by the new Crew but Skipp was on the ball and 6 mackerel hit the bait bin.

It was decided to head West where we had seen birds working the arvo prior – this was where we got into the Tuna.

The count:
Rob lost 1 (to the side of the boat)
Mel lost 3
But, who’s counting? 😉

Nic was on and she was not losing this fish under any circumstances. It was great that her Dad was on Board to witness her first Tuna

That left Kerry the green horn on strike. She had waited her turn, last as the greenhorn. The day was running out and we started to head back in. I drove through a school of Dolphins and Wack zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I knew it was a good fish.

Kerry braced herself against the Gunwales and started what was to be the longest fight for the day. She got the fish close to the boat 4 times before we gaffed him. He was to big for the net, Kerry managed the biggest fish for the day going 103cm, measured flat on the deck, approx weight 22.5kg and he was fat. What did he have in his belly ? We all look don’t we ?

Food source match the catch

The most photographed fish ever 🙂

The rest as they say is history, Team justagirl have all caught Tuna and will be back on the water asap. The Coast to Coast comp is looming get your entry forms in if you haven already. As always at the end of the trip the last job is????

The greenhorn and her catch

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