Get Hooked with Justagirl Workshops

The first Justagirl workshops have been run and what a great couple of nights early this week. What a great way to end the week with International Women’s day and getting to write this story for all you fishing gals

The first was kicked off Tuesday night the 5th at BCF Gepps cross. Skipper Tracey had some much info to share from the action of fishing rods to reels, ratios and drags. Everyone learnt quite a lot. Guys next time you bend a Rod you will be asked what you are doing and why

Wednesday night the 6th was time to trek down south to BCF at Noarlunga , and you guessed it another awesome night. Once more there was a lot of info and some stories told about the beginning of justagirl.

These were Pilot workshops to gauge if this could be a way to get more chicks into fishing, and to get those who already love it more knowledge so they could become more involved.

Watch this space for the official launch of these workshops moving forward. We have a lot of feedback on what the girls want as far as content goes and we will try to incorporate as much as possible. It looks like every 8 weeks suits best for everyone. Thanks to BCF for the venues, the staff and the gifts to our participants. Hope to meet you all next time. If you want more information fill in the update form below.

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