“Team justagirl” – Hawk Eye

Name – Hawk Eye (aka Ren)
Role “Team justagirl” 2IC
Age – I could tell you, but it wouldn’t be the truth
Specie – Social Butterfly
Lives – to make the most of life
Quote – “Never miss a sunset ♥ ” © Renee Martin
Growing up on the west coast of NZ in a small town that was surrounded by the Mountain, the River and the ocean, the water has always been in my blood.  Many days where spent on the side of the River with mum while she fished for whitebait or weekends down the coast body surfing, fishing and snorkelling for Paua’s, pipi’s and kina’s, I spent more time in and around the water than anywhere else.  It was only natural that this wasn’t going to change once we moved to Australia or as I got older, and it hasn’t!!
Why I love fishing:
The Excitement, anticipation, and adrenaline, the calm and relaxation it brings to my soul, and when you encounter Mother Nature in all her beautiful glory, and wish that everyone could experience and feel what you are, right in that moment.

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