“Team justagirl” – Skipper

Name – Teats (aka Tracey)
Role – “Team justagirl” Skipper
Age – is purely a number
Specie – Cyclone
Lives –  To make a difference
Quote – Lifes too short to not go fishing
Owner and skipper of a 7.3m Bar crusher boat called “justagirl”. I grew up in New Zealand living in a small coastal town on the beach front. We migrated to Australia in 1986 with husband Kevin. We have 5 kids between us and they have all grown up around the water and love it. After having the dreaded cancer in 2013-2014 I decided there was more to life than work. “Team justagirl” was a dream and it’s now reality, I welcome the new team members to “Team justagirl” and changing their lives.
Why I love fishing:
I get in the car to go fishing and the world disappears, no news, no share markets, no world just us and the water and the fish, every breath renews my soul and cells and the sense of peace is unexplainable. I am at complete rest while out fishing and while I can I will. We have met some amazing people and have had some amazing opportunities and this will just get better.