“Team justagirl” – Leah

Name – Leah (aka TBA … nick name still in the making ;))
Age – 44
Specie – Female
Lives – Life to the Fullest
Quote – Follow your heart but take your brain with you!
A country girl from the Mid-North meant that fishing wasn’t always so readily accessible but there was occasional opportunity to sneak a weekend in at Port Broughton in our little Cuddy Cabin. I have fond memories of chasing Whiting & Snapper during the day, then dabbing for Garfish at night if conditions were right. We were no experts but loved any chance to get on the water. Life then changed for a while and saw me make a move to the big smoke where I eventually met my soul mate who shares a love for fishing also. We’ve been fortunate to travel a lot and spent plenty of time and even more money chasing big game on liveaboards.
I would take 5 days on a boat over 10 days in Paris every day of the week!
Why I love fishing:
The freedom, the thrills, the sunrises, the sunsets, the personal achievements and even the personal failures. It’s not always easy and that’s what make it so good!!
How I met “justagirl”
“justagirl”! But what a weekend!! I am so honoured to be asked to crew with this amazing group of girls. It was during the Cairns Ribbons Tourney last year that I first met Tracey. An instant bond formed as we shared not only a great love for game fishing but we came from the same city. I was inspired after hearing Tracey’s story and it left me keen to meet her “first mate” (in every sense of the word) and daughter Ren to hear more about their creation of “justagirl”.
Well one thing has naturally progressed to another and we did all catch up and after lots of fishing storytelling and even more laughter it was evident that we would be a very “good fit” as the “Team justagirl” Crew.
So I would personally like to say thank you to my team Tracey, Ren, Greenhorn and Whip cracker for sharing the fun, fishing and friendship and I’m excited for what this year has in store for us!!
Leah x

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