Welcome Team justagirl 2019 Greenhorn – Kerry Duncan

The 2019 Fishing season is shaping up to be a busy one. We have some really exciting events coming up and as a result, have felt the need to grow the team by another 3 members this season. You’ll be seeing their faces at competition events and in our media, introducing the first new member of our team:

Welcome Team justagirl Greenhorn for 2019 – Kerry Duncan

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Kerry hasn’t really fished but was prepared to do whatever it took to get on board.

This season she will be responsible for photos and videos taking, organising boat food and camp food, scrubbing the decks, taking the Helm when needed, mopping brows, washing down gear and cleaning the boat. Kerry is relieving Helen of her role as Greenhorn for the new season. (She’s not happy about it, but she won trophies last year)

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The intention was to ease Kerry into fishing but luck was on her side. Our first trip out delivered a triple hook up on Snapper so she didnt need much encouragement to help out. She also managed a 52cm King George whiting, the only one caught for the day. Our homemade gingerbread biscuits were a winner and set the benchmark for the season’s boat diet. Although, soon we’ll have to implement a regular exercise routine for all team members.

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Welcome to team justagirl Greenhorn Kerry Duncan.

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