Marlin Fishing Gold Coast

It was that time again, my QLD crew were all together and where able to get out on the water for another Marlin fish!! We had pulled our numbers so we knew our strike pattern for the day, it saw Kezza, Myself, Damo, Dave and Pablo in that order. We do half hour strike times and rotate.
We left the marina to be greeted by a stunning sunrise and my anticipation grew the closer we got to the seaway.  My fears where still in the forefront of my mind after the last Marlin that nearly jumped in the boat and took off Damo’s head, but every fish and every fight is different I kept telling myself.  The weather forecast was good and as the day progressed we should see the wind drop off.
We exited the break wall and hit the ocean, for our long trip out to the Blue Marlin Grounds. The trip always seems to take so long to get there when you pumped and excited. We finally pulled up and it was time to put the lines in and start trolling.
We moved to get the lines ready, I looked at Damo and he had this blank look on his face and then BOOMMMMMM!!!!! Man Down !!! Man Down!!!!  Ya See….. Damo had a big night the night before, like many a fellow fisher person before him and a few justagirl crew as well, he was now paying for it… BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, of course my first reaction was CAMERA!!
Alas…. that was Damo out for the count… and he spent the rest of his morning along the lines of ….
BTW… yes I am a firm believer in Karma, I know… I know… god help me if I ever forget to take my trevacalm one day… hahahahaha
But credit where credit is due, if there was any sort of movement, he was the first to jump up, spew, then help LMAO…
The fish were a little slow, we had heard a few being tagged on the radio but not large numbers and by 12pm we where sitting at 1-0-0. We had raised a fish and were still feeling optimistic and besides Damo kept me entertained for the morning anyhow, poor bugga!!
The afternoon started to move in, and optimism starts turning to not again…
It got to 1pm and I was on strike again, waiting eagerly for my bite, Damo was sitting in the game chair and colour was returning to his face, so I left him sitting there while I sat behind long corner, and I start… here fishy fishy fishy… come to nae nae…. lets face it, we have all done it!
BOOM!!!! Fish up, Fish up… Damo MOVE!!!! I saw a fish raise and come up to the long corner, pop the long rigger and gone….. whaaaaaaaaa
BUT… we where pumped again 2-0-0… so we set back up and by now everyone was counting down their half hour strike times, and I knew that this would be my last for the day, time etched on and patiently waited for my turn to catch a Mighty Marlin…
Noooooooooooooooo….. alas it wasn’t going to me my turn this trip either, that was a given now.  Damo was up next and had perked up quite a bit from this morning and by now even managed to keep some food and water down, as we joked with him, if he wanted a beer.
By now we had started trolling into an area we raised a fish earlier in the morning, everyone was still counting down the strike time as Dave was next… 1.58pm the short rigger popped, Damo looked at it, went to get rubber bands as I yelled FISH ON!!!! everyone looked blanked, line was peeling off and no one put the clicker on…. rookie mistake!!
100m or so out the back of the boat, a mighty blue leapt out of the water, (pending go pro footage, to see if we caught any of that!)
WAHOOOOOOO….. we were on, as luck would have it, good old Damo who nearly had his head taken off by the last one, and spent all morning chucking was on, and 2 mins before change over… hahahahahaha
Lines in and the boat cleaned up the fight was on!!!

After a few aerobatics, it went deep and just sat there, reminded me of barrel chasing at Pt Mac.  As we managed to gain line on it, it came up straight at the back of the boat and my fears returned as I stood behind the game chair, OMG if this fish does what the last one did, we are in trouble!!!
Within 20 mins, she was at the side of the boat and tagged.
What a site to behold, as we all cheered, she measured in at 2.6m. I was stoked that our team caught a Marlin with me on the boat, finally!!!
I was in total awe of this beautiful fish, needless to say, I soo cant wait till its my turn 🙂 !!!

Well done Damo and team on an awesome fish!!
However now its… you have to get it land it within 20 mins hahahahahaha the joys of team fishing, stirring each other up, cheering each other on and just having fun on the water!!
Lines where pretty quickly back in the water with Dave giving up his spot for Pablo who was after him, onya skipp!! but alas that was it for our day.
We packed up with our Flags flying we started the long trip home towards the seaway. All stoked by the days outcome, and good old chucky marlin was just a thought of the past 😛

Like all good fishing trips, ours started at sunrise and ended at sunset and I wouldn’t have it any other way <3
Marlene, Ill get billfish babe status one of these days <3 but I’m getting closer every trip!!
Ren <3

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