“Team justagirl” – Whip Cracker


Name – Whip Cracker (aka Loz)
Age – 33
Specie – female
Lives – to fish
Quote – I may be “justagirl” but I can fish too (“,)


I spent most of my childhood fishing with my dad on the River Murray at our shack, catching shrimp, yabbies, redfin, callop & of course lots of carp. This is where my passion for fishing began, being on the water is my happy place.

From there I started beach fishing to develop my skills, knowledge & chase different species. In my late 20’s my passion for fishing was ignited when I met a guy from Pt Lincoln whom was mad about fishing. I started fishing all around Australia & holidays became fishing adventures. I’ve caught many species from garfish, whiting & tommies to snapper, nannygai, flathead & dhufish to kingfish, Spanish mackerel, tuna & sharks, plus a prized marlin to name a few.

Why I love fishing:

You hit the ocean with so much excitement, wind blowing in your hair & a sense of freedom. The boat pulls up & lines straight in, testing the waters. When you’re on it’s like that fish is the only thing in the world & you don’t wanna loose it! Then it’s pandemonium on board (especially with a big fish on) 1st catch = the excitements about 2 begin (“,) but the best thing is getting lost in that moment afterwards, especially if the suns coming up or going down. Your bodies rushing, a smile from ear to ear & you have nothing left 2 give. So you crack a bev & enjoy the euphoria that comes after… Without a care in the world, completely in the moment, nowhere else.
That’s the best thing about fishing!  © Lauren Hadaway

How I met “justagirl”

Earlier this year during a tuna competition I was fortunate enough to have met the wonderful Tracy, where we bonded over our passion for fishing. After 6 months of networking I was incredibly honoured to be offered a position on “Team justagirl”. Dreams do come true & I can’t believe how well we have all clicked… It’s like we have known each other forever! Couldn’t ask for a better crew 😉

I look forward to the many wonderful adventures that lay ahead for our new team & can’t wait to share them all with you. Keep posted & follow our adventures fellow anglers, especially those of our “Greenhorn” which will be sure to keep you entertained.

Happy fishing & tight lines!

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  1. Leanne Pearce

    I spent my youth fishing with my dad, unfortunately work gets in the way of putting a line in and waiting for that bite. Love hearing what you and the girls are doing.

    1. Team justagirl

      Thank Leanne you should plan some time to get out again

      1. Leanne Pearce

        Yes watching what your crew are doing has inspired me

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