“Team justagirl” – Whip Cracker

Name – Whip Cracker (aka Loz)
Age – 33
Specie – female
Lives – to fish
Quote – I may be “justagirl” but I can fish too (“,)
I spent most of my childhood fishing with my dad on the River Murray at our shack, catching shrimp, yabbies, redfin, callop & of course lots of carp. This is where my passion for fishing began, being on the water is my happy place.
From there I started beach fishing to develop my skills, knowledge & chase different species. In my late 20’s my passion for fishing was ignited when I met a guy from Pt Lincoln whom was mad about fishing. I started fishing all around Australia & holidays became fishing adventures. I’ve caught many species from garfish, whiting & tommies to snapper, nannygai, flathead & dhufish to kingfish, Spanish mackerel, tuna & sharks, plus a prized marlin to name a few.
Why I love fishing:
You hit the ocean with so much excitement, wind blowing in your hair & a sense of freedom. The boat pulls up & lines straight in, testing the waters. When you’re on it’s like that fish is the only thing in the world & you don’t wanna loose it! Then it’s pandemonium on board (especially with a big fish on) 1st catch = the excitements about 2 begin (“,) but the best thing is getting lost in that moment afterwards, especially if the suns coming up or going down. Your bodies rushing, a smile from ear to ear & you have nothing left 2 give. So you crack a bev & enjoy the euphoria that comes after… Without a care in the world, completely in the moment, nowhere else.
That’s the best thing about fishing!  © Lauren Hadaway
How I met “justagirl”
Earlier this year during a tuna competition I was fortunate enough to have met the wonderful Tracy, where we bonded over our passion for fishing. After 6 months of networking I was incredibly honoured to be offered a position on “Team justagirl”. Dreams do come true & I can’t believe how well we have all clicked… It’s like we have known each other forever! Couldn’t ask for a better crew 😉
I look forward to the many wonderful adventures that lay ahead for our new team & can’t wait to share them all with you. Keep posted & follow our adventures fellow anglers, especially those of our “Greenhorn” which will be sure to keep you entertained.
Happy fishing & tight lines!

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