The Plan for 2023

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The Plan for 2023

The 2022 season was over, skips second hip replacement was done, and Team Justagirl has a new crew. It was the perfect opportunity for Skip and 2IC Ren to create a huge shift – we had been in a comfort zone for to long, we had filmed everything we do in South Australia, and it was time to up the ante and chase some goals. Plans for 2023 started to emerge and a planning session like no other was complete.  We created an overview and laughed about how we can look back at this at the end of next seasons fishing.

January 20-22nd 2023 – Gold Coast Light Tackle Masters

  • The crew and Skip would devour every YouTube video they could find on rigging, catching, and tagging Marlin.
  • Skip would tow the Justagirl boat to Queensland a week before the comp.
  • Skip and Ren would go to the Tackle shop and purchase the hooks etc they needed and learn how to rig for local conditions.
  • Tracy and Bec would fly in the day before skipper brief.
  • We would fish the 2 days and video the first part of our new Marlin series.
  • We don’t expect to win anything but are exited to learn everything we can and meet new people.
  • Skip to drive back towing the boat and the other fly home.

February 25-26th 2023 - The John Johnson memorial Wirrina Tuna slam,  South Australia

  • The first comp for Sharky, Shez and Renee and any other new girls
  • This is a fun weekend no expectations.
  • Film it and see if there’s anything worth making a show from

March 17 – 25th 2023 GAMEX - Billfish Tournament Exmouth WA

  • Ren to fly down from Gold Coast and drive the 3 days with Skip to Exmouth
  • Practice day to check out ramp, find the fish and get everything set up with Deb Fosters expert guidance.
  • Do a bait gathering day in the tinny
  • Bec to Fly in Thursday before comp.
  • Would like to do some sightseeing.
  • See a Whale Shark.
  • Film everything to add to our proposed Marlin series.
  • Catch heaps of billfish Marlin and sailfish
  • No expectation on winning but would like too not be last.
  • After presentation night Skip and Ren to drive back to Adelaide

April 22-24rd 2023 - 13th Tom Jenkins Memorial Bluefin Contest Tasmania

  • We have been invited to fish this tassie Tuna comp and feel extremely humbled.
  • For the first time ever, we would not be on our boat – we are in the hands of a Charter operator. He is the skipper.
  • Skip, Tracy, and Sharky to fly in a few days before comp and a few days after so they can look around.
  • Ren to fly in from the Gold Coast the day before comp.
  • Have fun and meet as many people as we could.
  • Tag as many tuna as possible – a Barrel would be nice.
  • See Port Arthur
  • Fly out on 26

April 29-30th 2023 Gold Coast Heavy Tackle Tournament

  • Fly up on the 27
  • Stay at Ren’s
  • We are fishing on a Club members boat as we can’t take our boat due to lack of time.
  • Fish hard - Big Blue Marlin
  • These fish will complete our Marlin series for TV.
  • Fly out Tuesday May 2nd.
  • Have a rest.

That’s the plans, how did we go- Check in for updates

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