2021 Team Justagirl Crew

The crew for 2021 is shaping up nicely, there will be 2 crews for the comps this season. The fishing doesn’t start at comps of course, there’s practise all summer long on the Tuna and lots of social events as well. Rig tying days and loads of boat cleaning are also an integral part of being a crew member. We have lots of cooks on board this year so we should be able to add a bit more to the Covid kilos .

Skip is in the Skippers seat in The Team Justagirl boat this season, Jules is just about ready to step up to this role as well and I know she will get an opportunity this year.

Skip took out champion female at the club for the season and highest point scoring female. But her biggest sense of achievement is the highest and highest tag points scoring Trailer boat. “It awesome to see the women’s prize category spread out and there being competition amongst the girls.” Skip wants 2 things this season, awesome fishing and a barrel record

Jules has had the best season of her in life 2020 catching a 50Kg Southern Bluefin Tuna. She took out the club Highest tag point scoring female trophy and was a big contributor to the Team taking out the Highest point scoring Trailer boat for the season. She’s done it all this season, sharks, tuna and Table fish. She has also been promoted to 2 IC . JUles is still after that barrel, the big one. She has a mako in her sights as well. She’s a beast on the boat and the dance floor and is always great fun. She also achieved her first SBF Tuna on 4kg line class and claims that as her biggest achievement.

Kerry will be returning, she has had a huge year being essential staff in the medical world. She managed an awesome Mako last season, one she will never forget, especially after having to do a medical procedure on Jules finger thanks to her hectic shark. She should have a bit more time freedom this year. The Greenhorn experience is well and truly behind her nd she is a massive contributor to the team.

Nic is back again this year, It’s difficult for her to get out on the water these days so we probably won’t see a lot of her. Her boat skills have grown quickly over the last few years so its easy for her just to slot in when she’s available. She had a great season with a good Tuna taking out the biggest game fish, the biggest SBF Tuna and most meritorious in both categories.q

Tracy has just completed her first season and has learnt alot this year, she fished her first comp in the Coast to Coast Tuna comp with only a couple of trips prior so did well. Last years new crew didn’t get an intro so I have asked Tracy to do her bio

Hi, my name is Tracy Bradbrook, currently employed in hospitality.My passion for fishing has always been there, as a young girl fishing with my dad, were the best days.So when their was a chance to join the crew of Justagirl, I jumped at the chance.And I am very lucky that Tracey Tito took a chance on me.I have learned so much more than just fishing with the girls. I have learnt how to work as a team, and there is nothing you cannot achieve, if you have the right attitude.  Tracey has taught me that.The girls are a awesome bunch, and are all there to help you achieve your dreams. My dream- to catch 20kg Tuna this season. One team-One Dream

Janine Ginn (Gin) is new this season, she has a scuba diving background and hasn’t really fished at all. You will enjoy her this season she has a massive sense of humour and is single, saving herself for Keanu Reeves. Heres her Bio

Profile for Gin: South African born, Chinese looking Australian. Moved to Adelaide from Melbourne 10 years ago for lifestyle change. Getting too fat and old to fit into the scuba diving wetsuit on a regular basis. I love boats and the ocean; and truly believe that if you care about something and want to have an opinion about it, then you need to get involved. Looking forward to exploring Australian waters and learning heaps with Team Justagirl.

Rose is also new this season and has done a bit of fishing. She is our most senior member and is up for a challenge

Here is her Bio.Hi my name is Rose I am new to the team I grew up in Adelaide and have done lots of things in my life from Ballroom dancing, Netball, Softball and Tennis. I have a grown family, I saw the advert for Team Justagirl and thought that I would love to try something different, I have always loved to go fishing and the thought of being in a team of ladies who all love fishing really appealed to me. I have discovered the most welcoming and fun bunch of women who are inspiring me to be the best I can be through fishing. My goal is to catch a 20k fish I caught my first Flathead the first time out I was so excited so it can only get better. I am having a fabulous time!

Dean Forster is the skipper of our second crew for comps, he is also our sponsor, StressFree Marine. Without his boat and skills we would not get a second crew on the water come comp time. Thanks Deano

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