Port Macdonnell Tuna Fishing Competition Day 1

[buzzsprout episode=”1326268-port-macdonnell-tuna-fishing-competition-day-1″ player=”true”] The Port Macdonnell Offshore Game Fishing Club hold their annual Tuna Competition in May every year. This … More

Port Mac: A Day of Mourning

[buzzsprout episode=”1337044-justagirl-podcast-ep-7-port-mac-a-day-of-mourning” player=”true”] Time to head on back to Adelaide, How do the team sum up Port Mac?, The people, … More

Port Mac: Day Five

[buzzsprout episode=”1337029-justagirl-podcast-port-mac-day-five” player=”true”] Lay Day today. A sleep in, shopping and an airport pick up.

Port Mac: Day Four

[buzzsprout episode=”1337026-justagirl-podcast-port-mac-day-four” player=”true”] A scary day on the water today. The team saw Port Mac at her worst when a … More

Port Mac: Day Three

[buzzsprout episode=”1337017-justagirl-podcast-port-mac-day-three” player=”true”] Day 3 and it glassed out, certainly not something you see often at Port MacDonnell, after another … More

Port Mac: Day Two

[buzzsprout episode=”1337011-justagirl-podcast-port-mac-day-two” player=”true”] Day two saw the crew get out deep, the first time for several of the crew. Bottom … More

Port Mac: Day One

[buzzsprout episode=”1336990-justagirl-podcast-port-mac-day-one” player=”true”] Day One Of the comp is over. We didn’t get out wide due to the weather. There … More


[buzzsprout episode=”1336948-justagirl-podcast-welcome” player=”true”] Welcome to the Team Justagirl Podcasts, Ep 1 is short and sweet and gives you the background … More