C’mon Girls, Let’s go fishing

Woman’s fishing is growing here in South Australia.  There are so many options available – beach fishing, jetty fishing, lakes and rivers. Out on the boat you can catch Garfish, Crabs, Snapper, even Sharks and Tuna.  Fishing is great for exercise, Great for mental relaxation, fun to teach to your kids, and a healthy food source.  How good would it be if you could do it all yourself?

Who should come?

If you are one of those girls who has done a little fishing, or a lot, or maybe none but you want to learn more, then this is for you ! This basic workshop starts at the beginning.  You will learn how to do it yourself, networking with other awesome girls who love to fish, helping you to increase your knowledge and skill level.  It is also cool if you simply want to come and hang out.

Why should you come?

You’ll learn:

What rod and reel for what fishing – the low down on the what, why and when
Hooks and bait or lures – options have changed drastically so understand whats all the fuss.
Drag techniques – get a better chance of keeping that big fish.
Basic knots – how to tie, what to use and when.
Casting – let’s have a go, a practical session and discover your favourite combo.

  • Catch, fillet and cook
  • Just take the boat out – learn all things boating and offshore fishing
  • How to maintain and look after your equipment
  • Seamanship course – Ladies only
  • Get your boat licence and your radio licence
  • How to catch tuna from start to finish
  • How to reverse a boat trailer down the ramp

Let us know what you need to learn as your feedback will help us with what’s next for future workshops.