Every Feburary In South Australia, Victor Harbor comes alive with the annual Coast 2 Coast Tuna competition. The Comp attracts around 85 boats and when you do the maths thats an average of 350 keen anglers chasing the prizes. Club Marine are the major sponsor of the event and have
We spent a few days chasing sharks, we needed to catch one on mono for the boats Game Fishing Club Points and its also one of the 4 species needed for the year, we have to catch an Eagle Ray, a Shark, a Tuna and one other game species, Jules
We ordered a Dome to put one of the GOPROs in for some underwater / land shots. These are the results in the shallows chasing Squid, will try them on the Tuna next 🙂
Join us for series one of Get Hooked with Team Justagirl, Not everyone can get access to channell 44 or 31 so for the next 6 weeks we will release a weekly episode. We hope you enjoy them enough to subscribe to our youtube channel Team Justagirl
game fishing for Tuna
At the start of this journey we really didn’t know where to start. We had been chasing Barrels which are 100kg plus Southern Bluefin Tuna down at Port Macdonnell. This day came up trumps for Jules and she hooked up to something half decent. qhttps://youtu.be/y5bWAeJkr2Y This will go to air

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