Can the Justagirl Crew get a barrel?

After a few weeks of a hot bite down at Port mac and Pics of these big Tuna being caught the girls are twitchy. Extreme fishing charters and Port Mac fishing charters have been doing  tuff catching these barrels The dates have been set now the weather gods and the...


In 2009 justagirl attended  the Novita mighty river run and are returning  this year as Team Justagirl. HOW CAN YOU HELP: all cash donations are tax deductible can you donate items for a silent auction spread the word jump on board the fundraising team cash donations can be made...

Port Macdonnell Tuna Fishing Competition Day 1

The Port Macdonnell Offshore Game Fishing Club hold their annual Tuna Competition in May every year. This is the 4th year Team justagirl has entered however there are 3 crew members new to Port Mac and the comp. With big seas being the norm Port Mac can be a huge...

Port Mac: Day Four

A scary day on the water today. The team saw Port Mac at her worst when a following Sea dumped over the transom. Barrel chasing was the task but it all went pear shaped pretty quick.

Port Mac: Day Three

Day 3 and it glassed out, certainly not something you see often at Port MacDonnell, after another crew caught Mahi Mahi the day before and Julie having a dream that Skipp had caught one we decided to head for the shelf. Did it pay off?

Port Mac: Day Two

Day two saw the crew get out deep, the first time for several of the crew. Bottom bouncing at 100 meters was something new. Amanda was a lot better, Kerry spent time being the skipper, we discovered she's a speed freak. Flathead for dinner, Yum. The sound goes in and...

Port Mac: Day One

Day One Of the comp is over. We didn't get out wide due to the weather. There was some fun however especially with the skippers brief the night before.


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