Team Justagirl is a group of women who have joined together with a common passion. Some are new, some have left and some have stayed but the bond created as part of the team will never be severed. These girls have fun, trials and jubilation, they are tested onshore and off. Lessons are learnt from reversing the boat and car to tying rigs and setting up gear. Every year we do a shout out, If you would like to chat about being part of the team message Skipper Tracey on 0412238517 or email tracey@teamjustagirl.com.au

The very first Team Justagirl Crew 2016 from left top Leah Hargraves, Tracey Tito, Lauren Hadaway, from Left bottom, Ren Martin and Lauren Cox.

“Inspire woman to step up, find their passion and no matter how insane action it.”

– Our Mission

How do we do this

  • Create a fishing network so all woman can enjoy, communicate, and experience the awesome fishing in Australia.
  • Teach the girls to “TAKE THE BOAT”.
  • Encourage women to team up with other woman who love to fish.
  • Help women to discover their own courage through fishing and boating.
  • Create awareness around the simple enjoyments, how to fish off the beach, take the kids to the jetty and catch a feed and have fun outdoors.

Meet The Team

Tracey Tito

Well known in the fishing community, a past member of the Ministers Recreational Fishing Advisory Council and a regular guest on Radio 5AA, Roweys Fishing Show and also ABC Adelaide.  Found on stage at the boating and fishing shows, a keen event organiser thriving on bringing people together, from planning the monthly club get togethers at the Game Fishing Club of SA to event nights at Pacific Marine, the most recent being the Kingfish Seminar

As the Skipper of Team Justagirl, leading a team and keeping it together on the water, looking after most of the teams social media plus holding a few Australian and state fishing records and loving to fish for big fish with light line.

Tracey is the producer and editor of the FIRST all-female fishing show on Australian Television called ‘Get Hooked with Team Justagirl’. 

An angler from a young age growing up in New Zealand, now living in South Australia – the ocean, river and fishing is her soul:

  • Appointed a member of the Ministers Recreational Advisory Council, January 2019
  • Committee member for Justagirl representing Fish for Life and Cancer Council charity events
  • Events Coordinator at the Game Fishing Club of South Australia (GFCSA)
  • Get hooked with Justagirl – Lets go fishing workshops, March – current
  • Guest on 5AA Rowey's Fishing show
  • Guest on radio 891 ABC Adelaide
  • Guest speaker at BCF Members nights 2019
  • Guest speaker at the Cruising Yacht Club member’s night
  • Guest speaking appearance at the 2014, 2015 and 2016 and 2020 Boating and Fishing shows in Adelaide
  • Member of the Port MacDonnell offshore Angling Club 2017,2018 and 2019
  • Member of the Game fishing club of South Australia current
  • 2020 Champion Female Angler at the GFCSA
  • 2020 Highest point scoring female angler GFCSA
  • 2020 Highest point scoring Trailer boat and Highest Tag points trailer boat
Ren Martin

Ren has been with Justagirl since the very start, this is not a surprise considering she is Tracey's daughter. She now lives on the Gold Coast but travels to Adelaide 1-2 times a year to fish the comps 

  • Past member of the Game Fishing Club of South Australia
  • Current member of the Gold Coast Game Fishing club
  •  Past Committee member of the Gold Coast Game Fishing club
Jules (Julie Stanley)

Jules has been a crew member since 2017. She met Tracey  in Cairns in 2014 where they took part in the women's Ribbons Tournament. This past year Jules has been on the boat almost every time we have gone fishing. She is also an awesome teacher showing the new girls the ropes.  Jules runs her own practise and is a  Clinical Psychologist.  Jules wanted a barrel this year 2020 but the best she could do was 50kg. This Tuna was the hero of our very first TV episode Get Hooked with Team Justagirl.

  • Member  at the Game Fishing Club of South Australia 
  • 2020 Highest Tag point scoring female GFCSA
Tracy Bradbrook
2020 Greenhorn current crew

Tracy is new to the team this year and has taken on the greenhorn role. She loves to fish and does an annual trip to Darwin chasing their signature fish Barramundi.  Tracy works in Hospitality and loves baking. We all love her cream cakes 

  • Member  at the Game Fishing Club of South Australia  
Nichola (Nic) Bradley
Current Crew

Nic joined the team in December 2018. She has grown up on the water catching King George from Lucky Bay.

She bring a lot of experience to the team and is awesome at reversing. She also brings a caravan to comps so we have some luxury. Nic is the youngest in the crew and has 2 young children. She works in Office Admin

  • Member at the Game Fishing Club of South Australia   
  • Committee member  at Game Fishing Club of South Australia   
  • 2020 Heaviest and most meritorious Game Fish caught by a female
  • 2020 Heaviest and most meritorious Southern Bluefin Tuna caught by a female   
Kerry Duncan
2019 Greenhorn Current crew

Kerry joined the team in December 2018. She came to the team with very little experience, she had caught a couple of squid off her jetski. She is keen to do everything on the boat and in her first season caught the teams biggest Tuna and King George Whiting. She is also an awesome cook and her cold rolls are to die for. The crew all gained 5 kgs with Kerry's first couple of months onboard. Kerry is a specialist nurse working in the organ, skin and tissue donor area.  Kerry wanted a shark 2020 season and beyond her wildest dreams she got a Mako. Episode 3 Bottom  bouncing Port Mac is her episode with her epic fight and crazy shark. It even bit Jules

  • Past Member of the Port Macdonnell Offshore Game Fishing club
  • Current member of the Game Fishing Club of South Australia                                                                                 


Mel Croll
current crew

Mel is new to the team this season 2020. Mels is an interesting story, she caught a plane from Tassie to Adelaide on her way back to work to catch up with Tracey and do a team zoom interview. She is the engineer on the boat and we have all learnt about weight ratios for when we catch that barrel. Mel is a FIFO worker and has always fished. She's a load of fun and like to invent thing to make our life easier. Covid ruined Mels 2020 season as they were stuck on site, hopefully this year will be better.

  • Member of the Game Fishing Club of South Australia                                                                                      


Moira Jenkins
crew for Coast to Coast comp

Moira is the Mayor of Victor Harbor and fishes with Team justagirl for the local Coast to Coast Tuna comp in Feb each year. She finally caught her first Tuna this year 2020 and loved it. She's a great mayor and loves her community.  Moira is hoping to fish the 2021 Comp with us again next year.                                                                   


Rosemarie (Rose) Roberts
new crew 2021 season

Rose is our  most mature team member and has spent many years fishing in the Gulfs with  her hubby and sons. A fair weather sailor her experience offshore has been zero. Rose is always the first to put her hand up and help out from cleaning the boat when she hasn't even been out to blocking out every event day. we cant wait to bring you Roses first Tuna, I have a feeling its going to make great TV.

Rose has also learnt to reverse the boat trailer something that she thought was impossible , her statue is now taller lol.




Janine (Gin) Ginnie
Greenhorn 2021

Gin is a scuba diver with no fishing experience. she has great boat skills and is taking to fishing well, she has a unique way of catching fish (see Profile pic) She wants a shark but anything big is going to be fun to watch.

Gin is a theatre nurse and an awesome cook, so maybe some cooking videos coming.  Her first trip was to Port Mac and we had 3 lay days so she is now also well acquainted with Cribbage and wine.

  • Member of the GFCSA                                                                 


Chat with us…

Skipper – Tracey Tito
Mobile: 0412 238 517
Email: tracey@teamjustagirl.com.au

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