TV Series -The Start

We commenced filming a documentary earlier this year 2020 with Katie Edwards as Camera crew. Katie spent 3 days on the water with us and got terribly sick, so we started filming ourselves. We brought 3 second hand GOPRO 3+ and used Skips Phone and away we went filming, Covid happened so the documentary ceased and Katie went home to the UK.

This left us with footage and footage each trip in no particular order, so what’s a girl supposed to do? Skip speaks up “I’ll google it” and that’s exactly what happened. Our YouTube channel was born and though growing its not as fast as we would like. Early September Skip got a call from Albert Jamae from channel 44 here in Adelaide, He’d had a hot tip off and wanted to check us out, she sent him to the youtube channel and thought that would be the end of it. Within 20 minutes Albert was back, “Thats awesome, what else have you got and can you make a 30 minute episode from what you have ” To say we were all delighted would be an understatement, and yes we had enough footage for the first series.

The rest is History. Our first episode went to air on the 6th October 2020 and we have just finished our first series. We had a wrap Party on the 10th November with the last episode broadcast live, which stars Jules Dad, Scott Davie fishing on his 80th Birthday. He caught his first Tuna ever and had an awesome day. He made a guest appearance on the night and a few in the audience had tears as he came up on stage after the episode

Mark Aisten compared the evening. Thanks to Wendy Perry of Switch, Start,Scale for organising the night. City of Port Adelaide allowed us the use of the Woodville town hall which is an amazing venue with a big stage. With a sellout crowd and a waitlist the night was a huge success.

Team Justagirl crew with Albert Jamae (center) and Mark Aisten.

GET HOOKED with TEAM JUSTAGIRL is currently being rerun on channel 44 Tuesday 8PM, Thursday 2PM and Saturday 12PM. We go to air on Melbourne’s 31 next week and will update times when I get them.

Wendy Perry Switch Start Scale and Phil Stump Port Adelaide Enfield council
Enjoying the show
Switch Start Scale

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