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March 22nd saw us boarding for a 4 day live aboard with Why Not fishing Charters.   That story is to follow just editing the video taken from the drone. I wanted to do a little bit of a story on these lures.  Lured 3D lures are made up in Townsville by a good friend of mine and her partner, Lynne and John.

They came about due to a shortfall in the market and the new art of switch baiting, not something we do here in South Australia, or is it yet?

These lures are the first and only lures that are utilising curved venturi channels. 100’s of sealed chambers give these lures not only strength but buoyancy. When you pull up these lures float, they don’t sink they stay out in the spread, they also hook up fish while they sit there.  These heads of these lures are actually printed, its amazing technology.


Dave has a mantra “we are always fishing”  he means this as well. He trolls lures at high speed from drop to drop and these lures are up to it.

We used the smallest lures in the range  matching the bait, they are extremely light and  are amazing in the water. On the first day with a good 2 meter of rubbish they sat in the water like a heavy lure, they sat in the back of the swell and the same action was achieved at 22 knots as at 8 knots, they didn’t fall off the top of waves they dug in with a smoke trail and a pop, straight back into smoke trail and pop. The noise these little light babies makes need to be seen to be believed, They are really well priced as well.

Deckie James was impressed to sat the least. He told me he hasn’t seen anything like these and for a light little lure they are amazing, no tangling from falling of the waves or slop. you could see them all the time. They are well placed any where in the spread and come with various head and skirt combos, in fact if you have a favorite colour it can be arranged.


Check these babies out here:

They are available in SA from Sports fishing scene

Thanks to Why Not fishing charters for allowing me to play with these and put them through their paces.





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