"Team justagirl" – Introducing Greenhorn

WOW have we been busy, this week we will introduce you all to the next generation of “team justagirl” with some exciting stuff coming at the end of the week for you all.
First up, lets meet Greenhorn who also enjoys writing and poetry, we have made a “Greenhorn’s Journal” area as well.. this came about after our first weekend together, Greenhorn was up way before everyone else and came up with some of her own words for the team, we all loved it so much we all thought “lets do a Greenhorn’s Journal” to keep track of her adventures and experiences as the team Greenhorn for the year 🙂
Name: Lauren Tomic (aka Greenhorn)
Age: 27
Species: Female
Lives: For fishing adventure and new friendships.
Quote: I may be a greenhorn, but I make awesome sandwiches. 🙂
I was born and raised in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.
My dad has a hobby farm in Ballan Close to Ballarat.
My step-dad loves fishing and on most weekends he would take his tinny out.
I was always busy with working on dad’s farm, or mucking around catching yabbies’ in the damn.
Fishing with my step-dad on his tinny, was also a favourite.
My first fish I caught was a flathead. I was so proud of myself because it was bigger than my step-dad’s. 🙂 I meet my husband to be in Melbourne and we moved up to Adelaide together.  We got married earlier this year at Glenelg, and my husband Peter is also a proud fishermen. We bought a boat together and happily been fishing since.
Why I love fishing:
Fishing brings back memories of fun family times and now I share them with my husband.  Fishing is relaxing, exciting, motivating and sometimes frustrating, but the harder you work the more reward you get back.
How I met “justagirl”:
I met Tracey and Renee at the Adelaide Boat Show earlier this year. I was so impressed with their “justagirl” brand and business I refused to get off their boat, unless I was part of their team 🙂
I begged and pleaded, I said “I’ll do anything” from sandwich making to scrubbing the deck”. After a month or so… I got the call, for a meet and greet. I am lucky enough to be a part if this amazing group of ladies, who are passionate and dedicated to fishing!!  The rest is history as they say.

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