We finally took delivery of the 7.3 Bar Crusher on Friday the 6th March we quickly packed her up and headed to Marion Bay for a weekend of sea trials ahead of the Port Lincoln Blue Water Classic comp on the 14th.

We have been very fortunate with this journey and have a few sponsors that are as proud of the new boat as we are and have helped make it the vessel it is. We would like to thank
Pacific Marine:  These guys are amazing and this has been  all of the staff, from Paul Lamb and Tim, Simon in electronics, Gary,Adam Roe and everyone have all made this their project and have been just as excited as us. Their continued support is appreciated, we will be doing some exciting things with them moving forward and you will all be able to benefit.
Bar Crusher: We just love these boats and what makes them impressive is the support you get as a customer, we did a trip to Melbourne just to confirm what we wanted Phill was our main contact point after the plans were done, Thanks to Peter who has been there to help us through 3 Boats. The photo updates each week were a bonus and we changed a few things as they came through.
Simrad: We are now a members of the Simrad Pro Team and as such are running all Simrad electronics on the boat, after our trial weekend we are massively excited about this gear, It is easy to use and training from their staff is second to none. expect some amazing pics. We will also be having a few Simrad nights especially insight genesis and a few mapping comps, stay tuned. Contact us for all contact details. We will be fishing a couple of comps as Team Simrad/justagirl  in the coming months.
Micks Winch: We are extremely proud  to have Micks Winch on board, I was worried about no free fall however after trials over the weekend that has been put to rest, this anchor drops  flat out and retrieves with an amazing speed. Micks back up service is second to none and one of the main reasons we felt confident with his winch. He even painted the last meter of chain pink for us. You can contact Mick on 0422339350
Club Marine Insurance: Club Marine have come on board and have justagirl and all her equipment covered. They have  an agreed value option which is great to get everything covered properly. They are also efficient which is the best thing you can have from an insurance company.
Engel: Rick Simes from Engel has been a long time supporter of justagirl and we welcome the addition of a new fridge on board. This man is amazing and has also donated some gear for the fish for life fundraising events coming up. (Stay tuned)
Unique Auto and Marine Upholstery: Brett from Unique has done an amazing job with our cover he went the extra yards and found some justagirl pink for the binding. When we get back from Port Lincoln he will have some surprises for us so stay tuned. The cover  allows us to walk around the boat when its on, its like a big cubby, We love it.We recommend Brett for all your Upholstery needs . His number is  0414740671.
These people and companies have helped to make the the new Bar crusher a reality and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
We have also had the support and belief from our 8,500 + facebook followers without your support we would just be fishing. 🙂 now we have stories to write and hope to continue to entertain you. We also have Red Star Muay Thai kickboxing, Pickering Transport,Your Secure Future and Team attack apparel that have been sponsors of justagirl from day one and we are members of FishinSa as Teats and Ren.
The next journey for justagirl is  The Peter Teakle Port Lincoln Blue Water Classic Tournament commencing this weekend. The guys are after us as we are  the under 25 foot champions from last year, we will be fishing hard. Reception is not good as we are staying at Memory Cove for the week we will get pics up as soon as we can.
Enjoy the Pics of justagirl taking shape
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