Caitlynns First Tuna 21st-22nd Feb 2015

What seems like ages ago justagirl ran a comp, the 1,000 person to like our page got to come out fishing with us. It was a dead tie for Caitlynn and Dana. Caithlynn wanted to wait until the Tuna season to come with us, its taken a while for the stars to all align but they did on the weekend.   Caitlynn is no longer a Tuna Virgin.

caitlynn 1 (2)

Caitlynns very first Tuna- Game club weight was 25kg

It was a difficult weekend of fishing with the Tuna boats out on the banks the fish were deep and flighty. We have been fishing out there all summer and have never seen them like this.

caitlynn 1 (23)caitlynn 1 (3)caitlynn 1 (6)

caitlynn 1 (13)ocaitlynn 1 (12)

We had a visit from Game fishing club of SA President Ralph, His dad Rolf and Dale, we had organised to bring them down some tags, they had just driven the boat own from QLD and decided to have a fish with us on the last leg of their trip.


We anchored into one of the bays for the night, caught some nice King George and cooked them up for our usual Fish burgers. Ren put a shark line out but only caught Rays. We were all asleep by about 9 pm, The radio went off about 6.30 and it was our friends Jay and his crew on board nine lives. so we were off for another day on the water.

caitlynn 1 (15)20150222_065918caitlynn 1 (18)caitlynn 1 (9)

Well that’s it until the long weekend  for justagirl, we are, weather permitting taking the new justagirl on its first trip to Marion Bay for 3 days of magic.In the mean time I need to pack as we are moving, The excitement is building for the Port Lincoln Blue water classic and us trailer boats have already got the banter going. Cant wait for that one. Stay safe out there and most of all have fun. By the way the date and time on the camera is wrong and we have now fixed it.

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