Coast to Coast Tuna Comp wrap up.

Grand Champion of the Coast to Coast Tuna Comp- Willis Knox  Team Sir20150208_163724
Well what a weekend !!!! To Steve and Steve and all the crew behind the scenes what an amazing job you have done. congratulations. To all the competitors thanks for coming it has been great to meet a lot of you, put faces to names,make new friends, plan some amazing trips moving forward with some amazing people and rekindle old friendships. The information shared is also what these events are all about. And next Time Jay and Craig we will listen. To the sponsors Thanks for making this happen.
We arrived home last night and after cleaning the boat getting some food I was out ol on the sofa pretty sorry the story is late.
Grand Champion was Willis Knox

Grand Champion Willis Knox -Team Sir
Grand Champion Willis Knox -Team Sir

Champion Teams winners were Sir and Team Bonus
Team Sirteam bonus
Damien Jones took out the Male prize      Female Champion was Lee Congratulations Lee a job well done.
Lee Biggest fish female
Champion Kids were the Stewart Kids first, second and third from team “When I’m 5” One really proud dad as well !!!! 20150208_164131
The conditions on Saturday were amazing we have never seen no swell on Sanders Bank before. we got off to a late start We figured we haven’t been catching Tuna until afternoon so headed out about 10am, we also missed the boat ramp bog up. On the way out to Sanders there were schools busting up everywhere we stopped once to have a look but decided to head out deeper. Hata caught the first fish on board which was released.
We only had 6kg and 4kg line on board so Hata got this on 6 kg which was pretty good considering this was only his second time on the tuna. We had schools swimming around the boat and couldn’t seem to hook up that big one, we stayed out until 6.30pm and didn’t have a fish to weigh in. Our plan was to  fish light and try for a big one. Day 2 saw the forecast at 15 to 20 knots. We made a rule along time ago that anything above 15 knots we stay in , and as we didn’t have any points on the board from the day before we decided to stick around camp and socialise. Crews started to wander in about 10 am, the weigh in was full on of anticipation – Had someone caught a bigger fish than Willis? Team Bonus was pretty close to the time line and weighed in some nice fish at the last minute.
Plenty of parking which was great.
20150208_153540 20150208_153544 20150208_153535
It was over way to soon and we recommend that you put this comp in the diary for next year, Once again Steve Off ya rocker and Crew well done we headed home to sleep. Next trip for us will be the game fishing club Ardrossan snapper comp over the next 2 weekends if we still have a boat.

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