Tuna Fishing, Saunders Bank, South Australia – Dec 2014

So after a not so good day Saturday, we were off again this morning hitting that water a little after 5 am, heading out to where fish where being caught. The sun was on its way up on the horizon and todays was truly spectacular…. within 20 mins of trolling the first tuna on board was caught by the mobile burley maker (Hata).
We trolled for a little while longer while listening to a lot of chatter on the radio before another fish was on board, after listening to a few of the boys talking about bigger fish, it got the better of us and we meet up with them.
Hook up after hook up, and double hook ups, followed by triple hook ups its was game on!!!! The conditions where absolutely perfect and you couldn’t have asked for a better day on the water.
Mums best fish today come in at 29kgs, and mine in at 20kgs, all on 6kg mono …. Despite me wanting a bigger one today wasn’t the day for it to happen, but none the less we came home with some fresh sashimi. Over all excluding Hata’s fish (3) we kept 3 and tagged 9.
The boys also had a great day out as well, but I will leave that for them to add their bits to our story if they wish too.
Hata redeemed himself today by making us the best sandwich for lunch consisting of liverwurst, kabana, cheese, tomato, and smiths crinkle cut chips… and it was awesome!!! Followed by him telling us that was because “it was made with love… not like subway” LOL
He also helped with the boat today when mum and I had a double hook up… we were impressed of his handling and composure having 2 females telling him where to go (in a good way) hahahaha. Sadly however we broke Chris today, after sending him a message of Hata and his fish… but that’s fishing …. He doesn’t actually know how many we got, he’ll be finding that out now reading this …..
As always the weekend must come to an end. I have to go to work tomorrow, and mums got old friends from interstate over …. A special thanks to Mick (Micks Winch), Melisa and their family for letting us set up base camp at their place it was really appreciated and the company is always great!!! (but we are still yet to have one of these famous pizza’s we hearing about ;))
That’s us signing out for now…. Tight lines, and happy fishing everyone and we hope you enjoy, until the next adventure…. Stay tuned!! … Ren
Ren's PB Tuna to date
Teat's 29kg Tuna for the day Hata's First Tuna